Triple Citrine Cocktail Ring - Sterling Silver

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Ring Size: 
Stone Type: 
Setting Type: 
Sterling Silver
Stone Cut: 
Stone Color: 
Stone Shape: 
Stone Dimensions: 
12.3 x 8.3mm
Stone Clarity: 
Stone Treatment: 
SKU: RI1060


A classic trellis three stone ring with a soft euro style ring shank (Slightly squared corners) for balance.

~Sterling Silver

~Size 7.5

~Accent stones are each natural 8mm round lemon quartz

~Center stone: 12.3 x 8.3mm natural citrine


My remarks on the stone:

What really got my attention on this stone was just how vibrant it was for citrine. Citrine, being a variety of quartz, usually does not have as much light refraction or depth. This stone is also semi dichroic (It has a subtle color change between dark yellow at the tips and light yellow in the center. The stone was so powerful looking, then I had to have it tested, just to make sure it was not a yellow sapphire. I was a little disappointed when the test came back as citrine and not a much more valuable sapphire but still very pleased with this find for what it is. What gives this stone is unusually high luster is a superb faceting job and a verrrry deep pavilion. This stone had to be set in this custom one of a kind setting I created for it, due to the depth of the stone, which is a whopping 8mm.


I can make similar rings using stones of similar size and shape, but the center stone is somewhat irreplaceable.




Citrine trellis trelis triple cocktail golden citrine
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