• TV Spot on Local Channel 3 News KEYT

    We put a lot of energy into our rock collection and each year, we host two gallery shows, each one with a theme. We do an Opal Collection Show each Fall, through the winder, and an ever changing show each spring and summer. This year our spring show was “Odd & Interesting Gemstones” Which got me an interview on the local news!

  • Video Interview with Customer about Custom Ring

    Video Interview with Customer for a set of knotwork rings using a sapphire and Diamond. One of the first jobs I performed through this venue.

  • Making of a Turquoise Ring - Rock and Gem Feature Article

    This is the full length article that I wrote and was honored to have published in Rock & Gem Magazine in the February 2011 Issue.  This online version features the full text and 50 photographs.

  • Our Oregon Sunstone Mining Trip

    In early 2011, Shasta and I braved the remote mines of Eastern Oregon, eager to try our luck digging for Oregon Schiller Sunstones.  Read about our adventure here! This article was also published in Rock & Gem Magazine in their June 2011 Issue.

  • Video of my Icarus Session

    What is an Icarus Session?  The short version: people volunteer to give a 140 second talk about what they're working on, creating or building, to do it with vulnerability, passion and generosity. And then to sit down and cheer on the next person.  This is a video of my practicing my talk, before giving this same demonstration in front of a live audiance.

  • Ring sizing Do's and Dont's

    In this video, I'll talk about on of the most common mistakes made when performing a self ring sizing: Using paper sizers! They don't work. Watch as I completely debunk this method which is used and recommended my many major online retailers.

  • Opals from around the World

    At the time of its creation, this collection feaured opals from about 50 different locations around the world, making it one of the most diverse collections feaured to the public.

  • Customer Makes his Own Engagement Ring

    This heart felt video was shot and composed by my customer as he created his own engagement ring under my watchful eyes and helping hand.  The couple also came and created each others wedding bands themselves, which are seen in the attached picture. I have poisted this here with their permission.

    I do offer appointments like this on a limited bases.  This video was shot at my old location when my shop was still out on my back porch!

  • Making a Custom Zora Sapphire Ring

    In this brief video, I am about half way through the making of one of my famous Zora Sapphire Rings.  In this particular version, the ring shank is rose gold and the head is white gold, which means a few extra steps are needed.

  • Polishing Opals by Hand

    A 12 minute video showing my process for polishing loose opals by hand. This process is easy to do, once you've roughed out a raw opal into its basic shape using grinding and sanding wheels.

  • Making a Twisted Inlay Ring

    In this 12 minute video I do my best to not smash my fingers, or catch anything on fire while I make one of my "Life is full of Twists" wedding bands.

  • Rare and Interesting Gemstone Collection

    A video we created showcasing a small collection of rare and unusual gemstones from around the world.

  • Polishing a Mintabie opal Start to finish

    An 8 minute video in which I hand shape and polish a solid Australian Mintabie opal using wet grinding and dry polising.

  • November 2019 Ammolite Newsletter

    A short article about ammoltes and ammonites and where they come from. This was sent out as the November Newsletter.

  • COVID-19 Shop Update

    UPDATE As of April 16th, 2020

    Good News! I'm slowly taking new orders as I have been gaining new access to additional materials! You can see which listings I have reactivated in my Etsy Shop here:


    I've only activated some listings in order to smooth the transition back into full productin. If you see something on my website which you'd like to order, or are inquireing about a custm piece, Please just email me or send me a message. I am still taking custom orders.


    If you need to contact me, please email me directly at: [email protected]


    Everything here is going smoothly, but shipping protocols, supply chain slow downs and a general industry sluggishness means I am asking for patience. My normal 1-2 week turn around time is now expected to be 3-4 weeks.


    Thank you everyone! Stay Safe
    ~Austin Moore


    Original Announcement Posted March 18th:

    To all my current, future and past customers: I'll be placing my website on a brief hold over the next few weeks.

    While I do work alone and from home, I do rely on a chain of suppliers for metals, supplies, and other shop consumables. And as of tonight, I received word that most, if not all of them would be closing down for the weeks to come. Rather than trying to swim against this, I'm going to hunker down and spend some time with my family, work on a few new designs, post some fun videos and take care of some long overdue custom designs.

    I will be finishing most* of my current orders as well as still be shipping any orders for items which are not made to order (Such as ready to ship items, one of a kind pieces and loose minerals and gemstones.

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. My family and I are safe, well prepared and in a very good place to weather this storm. I wish all of you are as well and have the support you need.

    Austin Moore

    *I'll be emailing each and every customer over the next day or two who has an open order with me to give them a status update on their specific project.