Opal triplet in Sterling Silver Zippo Case

This image is a Custom piece designed here at Earth Art Gem and Jewelry. If you are interested in having this piece made for you, or something similar, please use the contact form to send us a message. We usually respond within 24 hours or less!

This was a really cool project! The client sent me a very nice opal triplet and a plain silver zippo case.  After discussing a few themes we developed a custom steampunk/grunge style wrap for the case, which I fabricated and then sodered directly to the original case. It included some cz's, black spinel and a few blue sapphires.  The case remained functional; being able to open and shut and once the client recieved it back, he was able to slip the original lighter core back in and use it.

A short vide of the case can be seen here:



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